The secret lives of teens – drugs, porn, sex, and sexting included – explained for parents, Lifestyle News

If you’re a parent, you must know your teen keeps secrets. He or she conducts some part of their life furtively, as they lean on the boundaries between adolescence and adulthood, and bend rules to test themselves or to keep up with their peer group. It’s part of growing up: the experimentation and exploration. In […]

The secret lives of teens – drugs, porn, sex, and sexting included – explained for parents

Teenagers have grown up with the internet, and it shapes their lives in ways parents can never fully understand, says author Ben Brooks, who has written They Don’t Want You to Know, a guide for parents on how to talk to and understand their teenaged children. Photo: Shutterstock Source link

Suicide, deaths threats and prison…the bleak lives of world’s most famous porn stars as Zoe Parker dies aged 24 – The Sun

FORMER porn star Zoe Parker has died at the age of 24. Zoe is just one of the many world famous adult stars whose life turned tragic. Here, Fabulous Digital examines what happened to some of the world’s biggest sex stars. 12 The 24-year-old passing away in her sleep only weeks after becoming engagedCredit: Twitter […]

Le portrait de Julie Pinson de Days of our Lives dans le souvenir de Billie Reed

Quatre ans de retrouvailles, de danger et de drame pour la savonneuse Julie Pinson. Le 13 septembre marque l'anniversaire de l'incarnation de Billie Reed par Julie Pinson le Days of our Lives . Pinson a repris le rôle en 2004 et a connu une carrière de quatre ans en tant que fille perdue depuis longtemps […]

Days of our Lives’ Camila Banus (Gabi) Stuns in Sexy New Photo Shoot

“Live boldly,” indeed! The two words that best describe the series of photos that Days of our Lives‘ Camila Banus posted to Instagram on September 2 are as follows: Damn, girl! If she looked any hotter, the computer or cellphone on which you’re reading this article would currently have smoking rising from it. “Live boldly!!!!” […]

Top porn star Jenni Lee now lives in squalor in a bleak tunnel under Las Vegas with no heat

Jenni Lee was one of the top porn stars in the world in 2016 but she’s now living in the grimy tunnels beneath las Vegas – homeless and penniless. Jenni, real name Stephanie Sadorra, is evasive about how she ended up in the dark, dirty underworld beneath Nevada’s Sin City. It has been quite the […]

Pandemic throws lives – and waistlines

Anne D’Innocenzio NEW YORK (AP) — When Allison Weiss Brady and Michael Ladin emerged from weeks of locking down during the pandemic, they needed new clothes in new sizes — for different reasons. Brady, 49, a charity fundraiser from a Philadelphia suburb, had been pulling back on her candy buying sprees during the lockdown and […]

Pornhub’s “Black Lives Matter” genre points to the industry’s brash, underexamined racism.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Outwardly, Pornhub has joined large companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Nike in the corporate rush to put out public statements that condemn racism. @Pornhub, the site’s popular Twitter account run by Aria Nathaniel, wrote that “Pornhub stands in solidarity against social injustice,” and encouraged people to give to organizations such as […]

Mia Khalifa Slams BangBros For Mocking Black Lives Matter In Porn Scene

Mia Khalifa has once again taken aim at BangBros, this time condemning a 2014 porn video mocking the Black Lives Matter movement and ‘capitalising off Eric Garner’s death’.  The 27-year-old is currently embroiled in a battle to have her pornographic material removed from sites like Pornhub and BangBros, which she worked with for three months […]

Black Lives Matter is a state-backed religion

‘Protest’ often feels inadequate as a characterization for the public exhibitions that have erupted nationwide over the past several weeks. The term ‘protest’ carries a connotation of actions carried out in opposition to existing structures of power; hence, you ‘protest’ against forces that are arrayed against you (even if some municipal bureaucrat might have reluctantly […]