Suicide, deaths threats and prison…the bleak lives of world’s most famous porn stars as Zoe Parker dies aged 24 – The Sun

FORMER porn star Zoe Parker has died at the age of 24. Zoe is just one of the many world famous adult stars whose life turned tragic. Here, Fabulous Digital examines what happened to some of the world’s biggest sex stars. 12 The 24-year-old passing away in her sleep only weeks after becoming engagedCredit: Twitter […]

Top porn star Jenni Lee now lives in squalor in a bleak tunnel under Las Vegas with no heat

Jenni Lee was one of the top porn stars in the world in 2016 but she’s now living in the grimy tunnels beneath las Vegas – homeless and penniless. Jenni, real name Stephanie Sadorra, is evasive about how she ended up in the dark, dirty underworld beneath Nevada’s Sin City. It has been quite the […]

UK economic crash: Rishi Sunak faces bleak future as unavoidable job losses strike

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‘Mope’ MOVIE REVIEW: Porn Industry Comedy-Drama Tells Bizarre and Bleak AF True-Story

Quiver Distribution To be employed as a mope is to enter the adult film industry at the lowest possible rung of the ladder. That’s what we learn from the get-go in this pitch-black comedy-drama from writer/director Michael Louis Albo. Mopes are the guys who get to be in scenes, if they’re lucky, and then have […]