HUNTER EXCLUSIVE: Woman claims she was ‘sexually assaulted’ by Ron Jeremy

Porn legend Ron Jeremy’s fame rests squarely at the curious American crossroads of sex and celebrity. For 39 years, and a staggering 2,500 videos, the Queens native was porn’s everyman. If the Hedgehog can get the girl, why can’t I? But porn is a fantasy and, apparently, somewhere along the way the 67-year-old former special […]

Veteran Journalist Andrea Mitchell Nearly Gets Assaulted by Protestor in Lingerie Within ‘Autonomous Zone’

Protests in Wisconsin State Capitol A lot of people in United States of America are worried by the mushrooming of ‘Autonomous Zones’ in some of the major cities. These zones are areas where the protestors have declared the rule of their own laws and a ban on the entry of government officials. It all started […]