A 22-year-old Florida man, who didn’t think it was illegal to masturbate in public, was arrested and charged by the police after his lewd act was noticed by an off-duty female police officer. What is even worse is that he was also caught on a CCTV camera while he was busy pleasing himself.

Steven Lee Donavan who works as a pizza deliveryman at Hungry Howie’s was arrested on Tuesday night from the home that he shares with his girlfriend, according to The Smoking Gun.

Pizza delivery driver arrested after allegedly masturbating at Circle K
Pizza delivery driver arrested after allegedly masturbating at Circle K
Fruitland Park Police

Donavan who uses his girlfriend’s car – a 1996 Honda Civic on Tuesday evening pulled over his car near a convenience store while his girlfriend went shopping inside the store. While waiting for her outside Circle K, the CCTV footage at the store shows Donavan pleasuring himself.

The 22-year-old in a conversation caught on the dashcam inside the police car told his girlfriend, Maxine, who is 20-year-old that he decided to « pleasure himself » as he was « horny » after watching porn on his phone.

While profusely apologizing to her, Donavan told her that he didn’t think it was illegal to pleasure himself in his own car.

As per the report filed by the Fruitland Park Police Department, the suspect, who was wearing a black mask was caught on the surveillance footage pulling down his pants as he got hold of his genitals and his hands made continual motion around the genital area.

An off-duty female officer, who had her car parked next to Donavan noticed what was going on inside the car and tip-off the local police as the area was no under her jurisdiction. Based on her tip-off, the Fruitland Park Police arrived at the address of the car owner Maxine – 2904 South Drive in Fruitland Park, where they found Donavan who matched the description of the male seen on the surveillance footage.

The arresting officers also found the mask that Donavan was wearing while he committed the offense. Donavan admitted to the police that he was in the area after he got done from work at Hungry Howie’s in Leesburg at around 10 PM and stopped by at Circle K.

According to The Villages News, Donovan was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure of sexual organs and was remanded at the Lake County Jail. He was later released after posting $1,000 bail.

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